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Due to the fact I got in touch with maven2 and I think that maven2 is very helpful will give a short introduction. Bigger projects normally have a more complex configuration but I will start from the scratch.

Maven will create a kind of project sceleton with the following command

mvn archetype:create -DgroupId=info.sobek.testapp -DartifactId=testapp

If you work with e.g. eclipse, you can create the project files for eclipse:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

Now you can import it into eclipse with “import into existing workspace” option of eclipse.

Maven will normally copy the created so called “artifacts” into your local maven repository. Normally located under your home dir and then .m2

When you program depends on several jars and these dependencies are defined in the pom.xml, then maven will copy the jars in their specific version into the local maven repository. This is very helpful because you can simply build your project with another newer or older version of your dependent jar-file.

How to create multi-module projects will be explained in another episode.

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