Apr 22

Finally it is done! My Master Thesis at the Fernuni Hagen! It was graded with a 1.0!!! Thx a lot Dr. Wolfgang Wilkes for giving me the chance to write a thesis and the support.

Writing a thesis while working full time is really really hard. The reason is simple: you need some time to get back to the point where you stopped. You can most of the time work only on the weekends, thus only working a few hours does not make senses as you really need up to half an hour since you are back deep in into the topic and can work efficiently.

However, I am happy that is is done and here is the topic of the thesis:

“Implementierung eines Webservices nach ISO 29002-31 »Query for characteristic data«

In English:

“Implementing a Webservice according to ISO 29002-31 Query for characteristic data”

For those who are interested in the Master Thesis, you can download it here:

But it is in german! Only the abstract is in englisch.

For those you are interested in the LaTeX-Sources of the Thesis:

git clone

My development work for the thesis can be downloaded here with git:

git clone

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