About me

I don’t want to write things twice so check this site. Actually this is only a german version so maybe I’ll update it in english here some time. For now a short version can be found here.

I am from Germany working currently as Scrum Master and Project Leader at T-Systems International. I studied Software Engineering at the Fontys Hogescholen Venlo in Netherlands and achieved an Bachelor of ICT and a Netherlands Engineer title. Furthermore I did my Master of Science in Praktische Informatik (Computer Science) beside my employment as a software engineer.

The reason for writing is not complete altruistic, because writing down things you learned and found out how they work is just good for later look up. So I decided to write down the things here for everybody. Please note that I will not explain the whole details here, so this blog is not for beginner. The entries are not necessarily in a logical hierarchy so don’t expect clear tutorials here. But maybe advanced software engineers, programmers, web designers or linux and mac fans will find some useful stuff.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me but don’t get nervous, it can last some days till I answer.

Stefan Sobek