Sep 21

Since 25th of August 2015 I am PMP (Project Management Professional). It was some kind of hard work for this 4h exam regarding preparation. However, it was not as hard as I thought. Many people claim it is really tough and you need up to several hundred hours of preparation. Of course it may depend how much preparation you need based on your experience/knowledge, nevertheless I am convinced that if you have some experience in project management, and that is of course required for applying as pmp, it is absolutely doable.

Here are some tips or topics which helped me:

  • A prepration course really helps. The reason is simple, experienced coaches know what is most relevant and what not. It gave me a thread to follow.
  • For me Ritas PMP Prep book did the job. And that was it. One book is enough. But I am convinced that many other will do it as well.
  • Do the test questions in your book.
  • Do Test-Exams and do many of them. I did only one (near) real simulation length with 175 questions in 3,5h. That prepared me a bit for the exam, although the exam is a bit harder, just because it is an exam :)
  • I did a bunch of 50-100 question tests and tracked the score. That gives an impression how “prepared” you are for the exam. Check the wrong questions and understand why you did them wrong.
  • Do a plan upfront when you will do read how much pages of your book and which tests (how many questions) you do. Track against your plan. And as you should have learned, “no plan survives first contact”, of course you must/should adapt it when appropiate.
  • I was pretty happy with the Oliver Lehmann Test app, of around 4.99 EUR in-app purchase. The app has some usability problems, but the questions have quite the similar difficulty as the real exam questions. The app allows also doing some “Quicktests” with 10-15 questions, whenever you have time for it. I did a lot of these.
  • Many people write about a correctness score of above 80% in your tests, then you should be ready, I rarely reached that score in a 4 week preparation period learning in the evenings and on weekends, overall I had an average of 74% and that was enough. Honestly I was not sure if that is sufficient, but moderate proficient 4 times and proficient in execution is perfect for me. I assume more proficient rates will be the result if you continue prep-testing and have higher score in your preparation test.
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